Are You Ready For a Puppy?

You may be thinking about¬†adding one of those super-cute, playful, bundles of furry joy known as puppies to your life. But before you take that big step, it’s really important to know if you are ready for a puppy. There’s a lot more to owning a juvenile dog than meets the eye, and, oohs and aahs aside, owning a puppy can be a lot of work.

Raising a puppy up to be a confident, obedient and well-socialized family companion is a huge responsibility. With most dogs living 12 years or more, it’s definitely a long-term commitment. You have to give serious thought to whether you are up for the challenge.

Questions To Consider Before Buying a Puppy

Here are some important things to consider if you are thinking about buying or adopting a new puppy:

1. Do you have time for a puppy?

2. Can you afford to care for a puppy?

3. Does everyone in your home agree on the decision to buy or adopt a puppy?

4. Do you or anyone in your home have allergies?

5. Can you provide a safe environment for your puppy?

6. Are you willing to put in the time, effort and learning that goes along with training your puppy?

7. Will you be able to handle it if your puppy pees or poops in the house?

8. Will you be extremely upset if your puppy chews up your favorite pair of shoes – or the legs on your dining room table?

9. Do your long term plans have room for your puppy?

Before you take that very important step and begin the process of choosing a puppy, be sure that you have given careful consideration to these very important questions. If you can honestly answer “yes” to them all, then the wonderful world of puppy ownership awaits you!